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1 Remove, inspect and clean torch bodies. 
2 Inspect inner torch nozzles and repair splitter walls as required. Reinstall torch body assemblies.
3 Borescope inspection of compressor turbine, compressor turbine nozzle, inner combustion chamber, outer combustion chamber lug-to-slot clearance, first stage compressor and power turbine  **
4 Drain engine oil.
5 Check front and rear chip detectors.
6 Remove and sonic clean oil filter.
7 Service main bearing oil-supply particulate separator  **
8 Clean magnet on oil drain.
9 Replace engine oil with approved turbine oil, preferably by same manufacturer and type as removed
10 Cold-cycle test main bearing oil flow and top-off engine oil as required  **
11 Check for oil leaks.
12 Check spark plugs.
13 Check spark plug wires.
14 Check spark plug regulators.
15 Test igniters Left and Right.
16 Clean prop governor and lubricate cable, joints and slides.
17 Check beta block.
18 Check prop bolts.
19 Check for corrosion on prop.
20 Check prop clamps.
21 Check spinner and bolts.
22 Remove prop blades from hub and check for corrosion.
23 Remove starter generator.  Remove starter generator brushes and check.  Spin commutator and check bearings.  Check and clean spline.  Apply copper-infused anti-seize to spline and reinstall.
24 General inspection of all nuts and bolts, locking wire, engine mounts, cables, fuel & oil connections, and electrics
25 Fuel filter must be 10 micron or better.
26 Clean FCU and lubricate joints and slides.
27 Bleed FCU.
28 Check blow-off valve, if necessary, remove and clean.
29 Start turbine and check parameters through first and second stage of start.  Engine should light off in 5-7 seconds and reach idle in 20-30 seconds after start initiated.
30 Check isolating valve.
31 Check fuel pressure min 14 PSi, Max 49 PSI (Preferred 28 PSI).
32 Check oil pressure min 30, max 39.
33 Check N1 at idle min 60%, max 65%.
34 Check voltage during start.  Min 20 volts.
35 Check charging of generator.
36 Check ITT at idle 480 to 520 + -.
37 Check after shut down for irregular bearing noise from compressor and power turbine.
38 Check for cracks on exhausts.
39 Check drains on fuel pump, FCU, hot section and EPA can.
40 Perform engine spectrum analysis.
41 Balance propeller.




Details of required procedures defined on this website



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