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What is an IRAN?
It is an "inspect and repair as necessary' processes that includes numerous steps to ensure an engine is overhauled properly  and brought back to factory standards.  If you wish a detailed list of what is included, please contact us.

Do you have a warranty?
Absolutely yes, each Diemech engine and customer engine that has been in our shop for an IRAN has a warranty with it that we stand behind.

Can we import/export shipments?
Yes, we can help with the import and export processes from documentation to shipping airplanes, airplane kits, engines and propellers.  Just tell us what you require.

Can you help me with FCU (Fuel Control Unit problems)?
Yes, we can trouble shoot with you,  make FCU adjustments that are factory recommended, refurbish FCU's previously unserviceable outside the factory or if we offer factory rebuilt FCU's with factory warranty.  You decide what your needs are.

What is your pricing structure?
We have a fixed pricing structure before work commences and we will keep you informed throughout the process with updates.  Like everyone, we're trying to offer you the best prices available in this economy and provide you with a quality IRAN'd engine, propeller and accessories. 

For our qualified returning customer, we have been offering a low cost option of an engine refresh IRAN. It give you the same quality IRAN but at an substantial cost savings to you. We can offer this since a number of IRAN steps have previously been completed and just need to be inspected and/or minimal work needs to be performed.

If you wish a quote or more details on either IRAN's or refresh IRAN's, please contact us for current pricing and discounts that are available.



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