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We perform overhauls (IRAN) of B, D, or E engines in our facility with trained and experienced staff.  Our staff follows detailed factory standards, tolerances to complete your overhauls.  We pride ourselves in our quality and continue to educate our employees, continue upgrade test equipment and develop new parts when replacements are not feasible.

The actual overhaul (IRAN) process is considerable and there are a numerous parts that get replaced during it that are included in the price.  These items are what we consider "wear" items (all bearings, seals, etc.) and are a normal part of the rebuilding process, as are coatings and other small parts such as fasteners.  We use only first quality parts, no factory rejects that are readily available.  Engine components such as compressor, combustion chambers, stator,  power turbine, and compressor turbine are first inspected, repaired as required, or replaced with parts that are matched to each engine in dimensions, time, & cycles. 

Engines that have been taken care of, operated conservatively and with low cycle count relative to total engine hours, typically leave here with few additional charges.  Engines that have been abused, suffered prop strikes, or have been routinely operated at extreme limits tend to have more internal issues and, accordingly, more components that need replacement.  Whenever possible we repair internal components rather than replace them, simply because the repair process winds up being more economical than a replacement part.  If you wish to see more details for 'reasons to overhaul' an engine, follow this link.

Once an engine is complete, it is mounted on our newly refurbished test truck and ready for several hours of testing which include factory recommended adjustments to maximize engine performance. With each engine we ship out we provide you with documentation that includes your engine performance, logbooks supported by original factory documentation, parameter books, and various other power reports.  Your more than welcome to visit our shop to participate in the engine run and training sessions.  

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